Even while she works on her website, Natasha has been busy writing new Haikus.
(Bolded Haikus are part of her Christmas 2004 collection.)

More Haikus should be added very soon.


Blessed mother herb
Your smell so sweet and pungent
I roll in catnip

Jennifer McMaster
Lost in my own thoughts,
Watching winter turn to spring.
I am so precious.

Jennifer McMaster
My four paws have claws
Which makes Origami hard
Haiku is for me

Slipping and sliding
Up and down the hill they go
Yeah for ice and snow

Across the ocean
Is there a feline like me?
Perhaps in Surrey

The New Year is Near
I need a Resolution
More Haiku of course

My kitty hamock
Allows me to see the world
It is Beautiful

Waiting for the Spring
Warmer weather and flowers
And more birds to see

New York, Chicago
San Fran, LA and Philly
Louisville is for me


Untitled #1
The stick doesn’t move.
Green yarn green yarn green green yarn.
It moves! I chase it!

Jennifer McMaster
I heard you were hurt
So I wrote you a Haiku.
This is it—feel good!

Jennifer McMaster
Boris #1
My brother Boris
Sneaks up on me when I sleep.
Meany-pants Boris.

Jennifer McMaster
Why must the window
Be closed when I want to play?
No birds on this side.

Jennifer McMaster
Pardon me. Litter
Should be seen and not smelled, please.
Please, will you clean it?

Jennifer McMaster
Do I have nine lives?
I'm pretty sure I like the
One I've got right now.

Jennifer McMaster
Bright light in the sky.
Why are you so high up there?
Lift me, Daddy, lift!

N. Ainsley Jones
Wandering about,
Licking my fur and what not...
I am Natasha. |

N. Ainsley Jones
Solitude is fine.
I will watch the shadows dance
In my soul's bell jar.

Deanna Zilske
Do you call my name?
I am asleep, can't you see?
You, come back later.

Jennifer McMaster
Night falls while I nap.
Where did the sun go to now?
Mourning the sunshine.

Jennifer McMaster

What am I thinking?
You may never know the truth.
I am many things.

Deanna Zilske
I'm too chic for treats.
The Queen of Shannon Run Trail.
Just tuna for me.

N. Ainsley Jones
I sharpen my claws
On a tall carpeted log.
Dreaming of soft things.

Deanna Zilske

I sit in windows,
Enjouing the nice cool breeze,
Meowing at birds.

N. Ainsley Jones
Boris #2
Boris, stop it now!
Smack claw lick hiss scratch ball kiss.
My brother loves me.

Deanna Zilske
Breeze blows on my fur.
I flinch, I turn, I cry out:
Come home, my parents!

Deanna Zilske
Run, jump on the moth.
He never saw it coming.
I am the hunter.

Jennifer McMaster
Deanna #1
We miss Deanna.
"Where are my treats," Boris says.
Please don't forget us.

Jennifer McMaster
I chase red mouse light.
Up the down staircase I go.
Some day I catch it.

Jennifer McMaster
Ode to a chipmunk.
I spy you, you know I do.
But I am inside.

Jennifer McMaster

Deanna #2
You are in New York,
Land of perpetual dreams.
Take some time to dream.

Jennifer McMaster
Welcome to Rachel.
Our treats are in the cupboard.
Fish and Shrimp Feast, please.

Jennifer McMaster
When the snowflakes fall
I am thankful I'm inside
With black fluffy fur.

Jennifer McMaster
You may look at me
But please do not touch the fur.
I have groomed all day.

Jennifer McMaster
With one ball of yarn
You can be fishers of cats.
Reel us in quick! Quick!

Jennifer McMaster
Forbidden closet,
You tease with promise of treats
And lost tinkly balls.

Jennifer McMaster
We love Christmastime.
Green string, red string and gold string.
Please bring string, Santa!

Jennifer McMaster
Boris #3
Your regal whiskers
Exude your stately being.
Hail to Prince Boris!

Jennifer McMaster
I could sleep or eat
Or I could eat and then sleep.
So many choices.

Jennifer McMaster
Boris #4
Boo-boo butt Boris,
I can't help being pretty.
Don't be so jealous.

Jennifer McMaster
For Emily
I'm a poetess,
LIving in my mind's attic.
Chasing little mice.

Jennifer McMaster
Turn out the lights, please.
I like to run around the house
When the lights are out.

N. Ainsley Jones
I love Christmastime.
Wrapping paper is so fun.
No gifts are needed.

N. Ainsley Jones
Winter days are here.
My long fur coat keeps me warm
Until the Spring comes.

N. Ainsley Jones
I'm a cat dancer.
I can stand on pointe on paws,
In fur-lined tutu.

Jennifer McMaster


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