Natasha (Haiku poet) was born in Louisville, Kentucky, where she currently resides with her parents, Jennifer and Rob, and her brother, Boris. She was introduced to Haiku, the ancient form of Japanese poetry, by her friend and confidante, Deanna, who suggested that she needed a productive outlet for her creative expression. Subsequently, Natasha composed her first Haiku at the age of one.

With no formal schooling, Natasha found that the simplicity of the Haiku, while restrictive to some, came quite naturally to her. She counts among her influences e.e. cummings, Emily Dickinson, and T.S. Eliot, but finds that the confines of Haiku challenge her on a deeper level than light verse or didactic poetry.

When not writing Haiku, Natasha enjoys Fancy Feast (Fish and Shrimp Feast flavor), chasing string, and sunbathing. Her favorite perches include the hammock in front of her living room window (when Boris isn’t hogging it), the top of the green chair that overlooks the window in her guest room, and her parents’ bed, which affords her a view of the back yard, where squirrels are known to congregate.

Natasha encourages all cats to find their inner poet, and hopes to one day start a foundation that will offer residencies to burgeoning cat artists from around the world.

Deanna Zilske (transcriber) originally hails from Keene, New Hampshire, and is currently teaching disadvantaged children in New York City as part of an NYU teaching fellowship. Her passions include theatre, giving Boris way too many treats, and a strange obsession with shiny objects. Her transcription is dedicated to Lead Belly.

N. Ainsley Jones (transcriber) originally hails from Neu Ulm Germany. He currently lives in Louisville, KY where he is an Editorial Assistant for IT Business Edge. When not reliving his days on the soccer pitch, he can be found running in the park making use of what is left of his cat-like quickness or at they gym trying to relieve his feline-envy through the practice of  yoga.

Jennifer (McMaster) Kemnitz (transcriber) grew up in Philadelphia, where she was first exposed to cats’ proclivity towards artistic expression. She is a playwright, graphic designer, and spinning enthusiast. When not transcribing cat poetry, she often listens to musicals, including her favorite guilty pleasure, Cats.

Robert Kemnitz (webmaster), originally from the Chicago Suburbs where he learned how to handle string.

Boris (photo essayist, manager). If Natasha wants string, I want string. And treats. More treats. Rub my butt.

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